Northern Exterior Renovation & Decking Specialists

You Choose The Style, Let Us Do The Work

  • Upon signing up with NERDS our first job is to obtain all necessary permits to begin the process.
  • Next any site prep and demolition is completed. Following site prep our concrete crew enters the site for the foundation process.
  • Any excavation and site grading is performed and then the forming and concrete is accomplished.
  • Once the foundation has time to cure the building stage begins. Over one to two days the garage structure is erected including all walls, then the roof, shingles and soffit and fascia are completed.
  • At this stage your new garage is closed in making it ready for our licensed electrician to complete the electrical to your specifications.
  • The final stage is the exterior finish whether its vinyl siding or other materials to match your home.



Q: As a customer what do we have to do?
A: We offer all the services necessary so you have to do nothing but sit back and watch you new garage take shape.

Q: Can you supply references?
A: Absolutely! Our customers are our best sales team. We are proud of the garages we have built and our customers satisfaction speaks for itself

Q: I have a brother that is and electrician. Can he complete the electrical?
A: As a customer you can complete as little or as much as you want in the process.

Q: What size of garage can I build?
A: By RMWB regulations you are allowed 45% of your total land area for structures. You also need to stay 3 feet from all property lines and 5 feet wall to wall from house to garage.

Q: What type of foundation is required?
1. garages up to 592 sq. ft requires.a 4” concrete slab or preserved mud sill
2. garages up to 728 sq. ft.requires 4” concrete slab 25 MPa with 12” x 12” slab thickening around perimeter placed on undisturbed clay or compacted gravel base with 3 rows of 15 m rebar
3. garages over 728 sq. ft. must submit details. ( engineered plan )

Q: Can we add extra windows?
A: We can install as many windows as you require.

Q: What if I have specific options I would like with my garage?
A: We are able to offer any option you require to build your new dream garage to your exact specification.


We found NERDS to be very professional in our dealings with them. Our garage was built fast and we love it. The next summer we had them build us a deck and pergola. We enjoy our backyard immensely. They were recommended to us and we recommend them to you.

H Macutcheon

My wife and I were very pleased with the work NERDS performed on our front stairs. They started one day early and finished it quickly with good quality. We felt this made a significant improvement to our houses curb appeal.

Wm Doug M